Thursday, 7 November 2013

Think OOH – Think Airport Advertising.

If increase of revenue through increased awareness is on your agenda, OOH or Out of Home Advertising is the solution. One of the oldest forms of Advertising, OOH has not only successfully survived the digital age, but continues to thrive with a few innovations here and there. Roadside Ad Hoardings and Signage continue to capture the attention of the audience. Among the many forms of Outdoor Advertising, Airport Advertising rules the roost. Since the airports are places where high and middle wage earners are found at the same place, they provide highly sought after sites for advertisements. Airport Advertisements also have very high dwelling periods which increase the scope of the Ads.

The near extinction of monopoly from almost all the markets have resulted in a vast number of players in any given field. One of the most important things that are different about the successful companies is their brand value. Thus, presentation before the consumers is of utmost importance. Airport Ads not only provide excellent advertising sites but also but also an affluent audience that doesn’t mind paying big for the latest products. The Billboard Displays, Digital Displays and Pillar Wraps capture the attention of the viewers with a larger than life image of the brand. This attention is then transformed into interest by the attractively colored and interestingly written ad copies. One of biggest advantages which Airport Ads have over the other Outdoor Ads is that it does not suffer from the handicap of dealing with a moving audience. The ads are well placed in the areas which are used by the travelers during the long waiting periods. This leaves the ads with ample time to convince the audience of the benefits of the products or services. The average viewing time of Ads at Airports is much higher than any of the other forms.

Hence, if you are introducing a new business or planning to increase the impact of your brand, think OOH and opt for Airport Advertising. Leading Airport Advertising Agencies like TDI International India P Limited provide excellent Airport Advertising Services. Their prompt implementation and efficient understanding of client requirements ensure total value for your money.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Metro Advertising India Growing in Popularity

Ever since DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) began operations on December 24, 2002, the way commuters in the NCR traveled has never been the same. The thirteenth largest metro station in the world (in terms of length) offers excellent opportunities for OOH Advertising (Out-of-Home Advertising). DMRC’s potential as an advertising goldmine was realized by Indian OOH giants like TDI International India P Limited as early as 2005. With a daily ridership exceeding 20 lakh, Delhi Metro Advertising has a high viewership. The rapid rate at which DMRC has grown and the popularity of the Metro Station Ads show a promising future for Advertising at the Metro Stations.

It has been found that using mobile phones and reading ads figure among the top ways how commuters passed their time at the stations. High concentration zones and superior visibility feature among the prominent reasons for the popularity and success of the Ads at the Metro Stations. Due to the structure of the metro stations, the ads can be conveniently placed in such ways that the commuters cannot miss them. And this viewership is not just any viewership that we are talking about. According to a recent survey taken by the Times of India, around 62.5% of the total metro ridership that took part were office-going professionals and students. For most of the brands, they form the most prized audience. The earning members with the power to buy and the young generation with the affinity to buy, added with a minimum of 6 minutes which they spend at the metro station, combine to make Metro Advertising one of the most sought after forms of advertising. Thus, advertisement contracts for sites outside the metro stations, on the platforms, at the staircases / elevators, and at the entrances and exits of the stations sell out faster than hot cakes.

Another factor which aids in the popularity of DMRC Advertising is that it is a long term investment. With the corporation expanding at phenomenal speeds, the ridership and thus the viewership is also set to increase. It is expected that the average ridership of Delhi Metro will cross 40 lakhs by 2016 with a CAGR (Combined Annual Growth Rate) of 20.1%. Associate with a top DMRC Advertising Agency like TDI to turn the gaze of this fast growing audience towards your brand.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Airport Advertising India Spreading Wings of Imagination

Outdoor Advertising India attained a very important dimension when AAI opened the doors for Advertising at the Airports in India. Ever since TDI International India P Limited won the first Airport Advertising tender in 1987, the airports in India have undergone a complete change in appearance. What used to be tiresome waits at boring waiting rooms are now exciting opportunities to catch up with the latest offerings of various brands. It is an easy and fun-filled wait now, with the exciting displays and humorous ad copies bringing a smile on the passenger’s face.

What began as plain billboard displays, soon extended to other areas with pillar wraps, signage among others. Airport Advertising Agencies India have done exceedingly well to change according to the changing times and trends. Today, Out of Home Advertising faces stiff competition from online advertising. Faced with limited sites, Airport Ad Agencies India have spread their wings of imagination and come up with innovative ways to present the ads. Modern ad campaigns focus on interactivity to earn the trust of the consumers. Thus, Airport Advertisements came out of the billboards and pillar wraps into a 3D environment, thereby facilitating consumer interaction. The products or models are strategically placed at the center or corners. Creativity flowed through the veins of Airport Advertising as the audience was enthralled with the innovative techniques. TDI continued to lead the innovations, putting India’s first Live Car on the billboard. Since then, car displays have become a common feature of Airport Advertising. Some might reason that the onset of internet advertising has changed the balance of the advertising world. However, going by the facts, Advertisements at the Airport continue with their popularity. 73% of the travelers still pass their time at the airports by looking at the ads. Constant focus on the announcements and limited battery charging options are some of the reasons mobiles do not grab the attention of the passengers waiting at the airports. Looking around at the ads is a much better option.

This is affirmed by TDI, the leading Airport Advertising Agency in India, which finds that the sites at all the airports under them are pre-booked. Airport Advertisements always had the best audience for the brands. Creative touches and trend-setting innovations are what it required to stay a formidable advertising option. Going by the crazy speeds at which the traditional concepts of Airport Advertising are changing, Airport Advertising Agencies India are right in the game.  

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Airport Advertising Companies in India

Are you looking for a good way to advertise your products or services? Are you worried that it will be a costly affair? Your solutions lie in approaching an Airport Advertising Company in India. A good Advertising Company, capable of Advertising in Airports in India, can bring your company in the limelight of a global customer base. Provisional statistics state that there was an 8.9% increase in the foreign tourist inflow in India between 2010 and 2011. The Airports of India have truly become a global place and Advertising in Airports is thus a smart way of ensuring an international viewership.

However, it would be beneficial to ensure a few things before hiring an Airport Advertising Company. Placing your advertising needs in the hands of an inefficient company may result in delays and cost increases. You may also end up seeing your ad displayed at some obscure corner of the airport. Fortunately, there are just a few steps which you can take to ensure that you reap the full benefits of Advertising on Airport sites.

Number of Sites offered: Among the many techniques utilized by Airport Advertising Companies, one is the increase in visibility through increase in the number of displays. Be sure to know the number of the sites and their areas that the Airport Ad Company is offering.

Position of the Sites: It may seem that any place in the airport would be a good place to position the ads. However, some areas, more specifically the areas where the travelers are bound to wait, make better ad sites than the others. Areas like check-in points, security check points, baggage collection areas, etc. are the prime and coveted sites in Airport Advertising. Make sure that the Ad Company you are hiring is offering these sites.

Cost: Research well and find a company which is offering you good prices. The best way to ensure that you do not end up paying more than required is to hire a well-known Ad Company.

TDI International (P) Limited is a reputed Airport Advertising Company in India providing Airport Advertising Solutions since 1986. TDI owns exclusive advertising rights in 9 airports all over India. Its clientele includes prominent names like Airtel, Tata Steel Ltd., Bank of India, MRF, and many more. 

Monday, 23 September 2013

Break the Trend with TDI

Twenty Seven years it has been since we first started TDI. Back then, there were small time advertisers who were mainly into hoardings and posters. We were the first company to break the trend with Airport Advertising Business.

It’s not just the innovation or creativity that makes us bring something new, it’s because we want the best for our clients that we find unique ways to sell and promote their products.
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Airport Advertising | Airport Displays

The key challenge in front of any company today is Recall Value of its brand or its product by a potential consumer. It is very essential that the first brand that comes in the mind of a person when he/she goes to buy a product is yours.

For this companies spends a lot of their money on Advertising whether it is Outdoor, TV or Radio commercials and most recently Internet and Mobile Advertising.

So, why should you go for Airport Advertising with us and not with any other mode?
TDI have proudly been advertising partner of many companies. TDI has seen companies grow from a single office in a city to an office in every big city in India. We have been with them in every step, promoting their product, boosting their market value and establishing their brand as strong as ever.
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TDI - Advertising Agency

TDI also has the privilege of being the current Advertising partner of over 500 National and International giants, for whom we have increased the reach among the target audience and made them faithful towards the particular product.

It’s not only the vast experience we have in the Advertising field that a company associate with us, it’s also because we truly understand what they want before they want it and deliver it in best and unique ways possible.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Essentials of an Effective Advertising Campaign.

Once marketer receives a commitment to buy from a prospect, his job is just half done!.
Now he has to put together a program that can generate results, and that is an important responsibility to embrace.
Business owners are unique individuals. They represent about 5% of the population, they have an idea, a vision and they put everything on the line in pursuit of that vision. If a marketer builds an excellent program that is aligned with what a business owner wants to accomplish, not only a marketer succeeds as a professional, but will also have a customer for life.

The Success mantras

An expert helps the business owners to speak the language of Advertising or they risk wasting their investment. Only, the correct message can give the expected ROI.

Value is simply “What is in it for the reader of the ad”, it is a call for action. A good value in campaign is the most effective means of causing a prospective customer to act”. For e.g 25% Free in the same price.

The higher the Impact, higher is the success of a promotional campaign.
Impact is the element of the promotional program that gets your message noticed. A reader spends an average of 2-3 seconds on every ad. In that time, marketer has to make sure that the message stands out the rest.

Where impact represents how a message affects a reader, circulation represents which audience the business is trying to target. For e.g whether it is geographic targeting or demographic targeting. It can also be based on the cycle of the product/service(slow cycle vs fast cycle)

Advertising is about making and breaking habits”. A consistent message allows a business to reach the target audience whenever need arises. In the world of advertising a consistent message unlocks the doors to response if that message has a good value, impact and the appropriate circulation

All these elements can be used, keeping in mind the ultimate goal(s) of the advertiser when designing the ad.