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Monday, 20 May 2013

How outdoor medium is the best medium for brand building?

Outdoor Advertising industry is accelerating further with assured growth in its multi-avenues. Airport Advertising, mall advertising, metro advertising- all these are growing avenues of OOH Advertising. In today’s blog, let us figure out some points why OOH Advertising industry is the best medium for brand building.

It has been researched that outdoor advertising media is the best mode for brand building. More and more brands are emerging in the market for which outdoor media is a proven mode to launch promotion campaigns. Outdoor Advertising media provides consistent brand reinforcement and sustained awareness. Hence, more and more brand owners prefer this advertising channel to reach out to target customers.
Any outdoor ad display is easily accessible by target customers. The 24/7 availability of OOH ads ensure that the brand message is not missed out by customers. Building a brand image through outdoor media is just a display away. However, outdoor advertisers should ensure that they are launching the promotion campaign with an affluent creative input and through an interactive outdoor media that best suits the brand image. Brand advertising is meant to catch hold of customers’ attention and deliver the brand message, not to shoo them away with an ordinary message about the brand. Hence, advertisers should devise, develop and deploy various techniques and tactics of promotion to create interest on customers mind.

Thanks to the various technologically advanced tools of Outdoor Advertising. Various innovative tools like LED/ LCD and neon panels have made the outdoor platform more interesting as well as interactive. Remotely manipulative and digitalized, these new tools have created an upsurge in brand promotion practices like never before. With unique innovative option for immediate recall, most of the outdoor campaigns provide positive response from customer groups. More visibility, more accessibility, more interactivity – these are some features that explain the updated features of modern outdoor advertising practices.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Non-stop growth in OOH Domain.

Any form of brand promotion through an outdoor media vehicle is known as outdoor advertising. An OOH ad display is uncluttered that means it conveys the brand message without any confusion. Anyone who comes across an OOH ad display forms a prominent image or impression about the brand on his mind. Unlike a television or radio commercial, an OOH Ad display can’t also be switched off. This compelling viewership provides customers only one choice i.e. to go through the ad message. Ready availability of brand message is yet another asset of an outdoor advertising display. An advertiser can display his brand ad for as many numbers of days/weeks/months. Those who missed the ad display last time have another chance to re-visit the same location or spot and go through it. This way the brand message is accessed by customers at any cost.

Amongst the various avenues of outdoor advertising, Airport Advertising and mall ads are growing in a fast pace. The rising number of airports, the mounting shopping malls/complexes, the deepening pockets of customers- all these are some factors that have encouraged outdoor advertisers to expand their advertising expertise at the various shopping malls and airports. Airport Advertising or Mall Ads are mostly launched through rich media that provide a strong brand appeal on customers’ mind. A non-stop growth is predicted in OOH domain. The growing market and uniform economic stint also provide OOH Advertisers many new opportunities of brand advertising through OOH media.

Outdoor Advertising domain is booming. An increase number of shopping malls, metro rail stations and airports have provided outdoor advertisers richer avenues of promoting their brands through OOH media. Tapping the right market, coming up with innovative OOH solutions, aggressive competition- all these set the tone of modern outdoor advertising in India. However, today’s outdoor advertisers need to have an in-depth knowledge about the changing scenarios of the market place so that they can frame an effective brand message (to be effectively communicated to customers).

Monday, 8 April 2013

Three frequently used OOH media channels!

A brand owner can adopt multiple media channels to advertise his brand. Brand Advertising is not limited to a single or limited media. An advertiser can launch the same brand promotion campaign through various mediums provided he can afford the ad cost of launching the campaign through multiple mediums. Through this blog, let us have a brief idea about three common media channels used for launching an OOH Advertising campaign.


Billboard Advertising is the most common OOH advertising practice. Billboards are of two types- ordinary and digital billboards. Ordinary billboards were used as conventional tools of outdoor advertising. In contemporary OOH advertising practices, digital billboards have replaced conventional billboards. Digital billboards are manually operated and one of its added benefits is that the advertiser can make changes in his ad copy or design whenever he wishes to do so (or when there is any such requirement).

Electronic kiosks

Earlier Kiosks were used as ordinary tools of launching an OOH Ad campaign. The usages of kiosks were limited to some specific locations. However, with the technological advancement, electronic kiosks are in vogue at present. These kiosks are seen in and around cinema halls, shopping malls, road sides etc. Considered as one of the effective tools of contemporary OOH advertising, electronic kiosks are widely used by maximum number of outdoor advertisers.

Backlit translits 

Backlit translits are amongst the commonly used tools of Outdoor Advertising at present. These outdoor advertising tools are seen at shopping malls, metro stations, airports, bus shelters etc. Backlit translits are also widely used by outdoor advertisers as these tools provide effective brand message to passing customers.

The usage of Outdoor advertising tools is not limited to a few. From time to time and with each technological induction various OOH advertising tools will further be introduced in the market.